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Tilimbe Youth Club on Track towards Economic Empowerment and the Fight against HIV

As young people are struggling to get employed in various sectors in

Malawi, Tilimbe Youth Club has proved that they can earn a living through agriculture while many other young people just hovering around in search for formal employment in other institutions and private companies.

The Youth Club was founded on 17 November, 2014 in Chikavumbwa village, Traditional Authority (T/A) Kwataine in Ntcheu district. Currently, the club has a total of 25 members of which 10 are females and are 15 males.

According to the members, the club was established to economically empower young people through Agriculture and to promote social welfare as well as fighting against the spread of HIV among the youth.

Through the cultivation of crops like potatoes, the group has so far earned MK300, 000.00 against a projected revenue of MK100, 000.00.

The youth club is currently planning to use the money to buy other farm inputs like fertilizer and maize seeds which they will plant before the next growing season. Further to this, the club has also managed to buy local chickens which have so far been shared to each member of the group.

Among other success, the group members indicated that the club has contributed to the reduction of child marriages through youth economic empowerment activities.   

YONECO’s office in Ntcheu is currently supporting this progressive youth club in a number of ways.

However, the club’s agricultural activities were being challenged by the lack of farming equipment like irrigation machinery. On its part, YONECO has linked the club to Ntcheu District Irrigation Office so that the group can have access to the necessary materials like treadle pumps.

In this initiative, YONECO is supporting a number of youth activities in the district and all this is being made possible by the National AIDS Commission (NAC) which is currently providing the necessary financial support.

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