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YONECO Strengthens Feedback and Reporting Mechanism to Ensure Credible Distribution of Humanitarian Food in MW

In its untiring efforts of ensuring that Tithandizane Helpline Counsellors are providing effective and high standards of service delivery

to its clients including beneficiaries of humanitarian food items in various parts of the country, YONECO with support from the World Food Programme (WFP) conducted a debriefing session for the Tithandizane Helpline counsellors. 

The session that was held from 15 to 16 is expected to yield positive outcomes as the counsellors were further drilled in counselling skills to enable them to avoid burn-out as well as receive and give feedback in accordance to a prescribed framework. The activity also enabled the counsellors to share and learn a number of issues as well as giving them an opportunity to recuperate.

As the country is facing acute food shortage that has affected many households, WFP and other partners have embarked on massive food exercise to the affected communities throughout Malawi.

With support from WFP, YONECO through its helpline Services is implementing interventions that are aimed at promoting transparency and accountability by providing mechanisms for getting beneficiary complaints and feedback in the humanitarian food assistance.

The initiative is aimed at ensuring that the process is credible and that the targeted beneficiaries are receiving the food items form the various distribution points that have been set up in various parts of the country. The initiative has been intensified after it was noted that during the 2015 disasters in Malawi, distribution of relief items was characterised by corruption, nepotism and Gender Based Violence (GBV) whereby some men were enticing women and girls to sleep with them in exchange for the free items.

The session which is currently being conducted at Naming’azi Training Centre is being facilitated by the Executive Director for YONECO, Mac Bain Mkandawire, as well as Benson Nkhoma Somba from Galaxy Media Consultants.


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