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Board Members Impressed with YONECO’s Feedback and Reporting Mechanisms

Led by the Board Chairperson, Professor Dixie Maluwa Banda, YONECO Board Members have expressed their satisifaction with thetechnical system which the institution has put in place in order to enhance accountability and ensure credibility of the on-going food distribution exercise in Malawi.


The Board Members expressed their contentment after a monitoring tour of some of the major components of the reporting and feedback mechanism model which the organisation is implementing. The members of the YONECO Board firstly visited YONECO’s ICT Department, the Toll Free Helpline Call Centre and YONECO FM. The three departments are diligently ensuring that beneficiaries are aware of the available anonymous reporting platforms for getting and complaints and feedback and that the system is up and running. 


Lastly; from Zomba district, the Board Members went to Phalombe district attend a meeting, which they described as very fruitful, with various community stakeholders including traditional leaders as well as other community members .

The Community Members present commended YONECO for organizing the meeting which they said is very key in ensuing credible food distribution exercise.

The meeting was attended by ADRA Malawi, an organization that is handling the food distribution exercise in the district.

With support from WFP, YONECO embarked on a project that is aimed at contributing towards strengthening accountability to affected populations for an effective beneficiary-driven humanitarian response in Malawi.