Vitumbiko Namondwe joined YONECO in 2018 as Research Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant. Vitumbiko has a Bachelor’s of Social Science Degree in Economics and Demography from the University of Malawi. 

He is responsible for supporting establishment and implementation of the Monitoring & Evaluation system in the organization including analyzing and compiling data to measure progress and impact of projects’ activities.

Furthermore, Vitumbiko also supports the implementation of Disaster Preparedness and Response  interventions whose overall function is to plan ahead for disasters, lead and manage the YONECO Emergency and Disaster Response Programmes and enable it to respond to emergencies and disasters in a timely and effective way. He also has experience on analytic work and research building from ISIbalo Capacity Building Programme for Young African Statisticians under Statistics South Africa (STATS SA).

 Vitumbiko’s focus and work orientation is on integration of crosscutting issues of gender, protection, access to services and care such as SRHR and promotion of human rights in fragile situations and linking these to development initiatives from policy, strategy and programming perspectives to better serve women, youth and children. His interest extends to climate change and environment narratives and framing of climate change and environment in development.




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