CHIFUNDO NYAMBI  embarked on a journey with YONECO in October 2018 as a Research Monitoring & Evaluation Assistant. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health and an advanced Diploma in HIV/AIDS and Nutrition Management, obtained at Share World Open University and the Malawi Polytechnic Management Center respectively. In addition to these, Chifundo has completed short courses in Protecting life in Global health & statutory abortion restrictions and US abortion and Family Planning requirements.

In her postion as a Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant, she is responsible for data management, project monitoring & evaluation, research tools development, data collection (field work), data entry and analysis as well as reports preparation for both the institution and projects. Chifundo is passionate about playing a significant role in young people’s lives by empowering the youth in the communities in different aspects of life; Health, Social, Education and Economic, through research, monitoring and evaluation interventions in the YONECOs impact areas.


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