Moses Chongoloka Msukwa

Moses Msukwa holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science and mathematics from the University of Malawi Chancellor College obtained in 2017. He holds two Linux networking certifications earned through the Chancellor College Computer department in the year 2016.  As a student he once served as the vice president of Chancellor College Computer Society (Comsoc).

Moses joined YONECO on 16th January 2017 as an IT Officer. Moses has significant experience and skills in systems analysis, design and development and Linux networking. He has two years of web and mobile software development. Moses is well skilled in the following software development languages JAVA, C++, Python, PHP, Javascript.

He is quite competent with the following application development frameworks ionic, angularjs, jquery, Ruby on Rails, CodeIgniter, and Laravel plus a number of software development Environments like android studio. Since joining YONECO, Moses has worked on a number of software development projects from web to mobile based applications that aim at enhancing the use of ICT across YONECO’s departments and its programming.

Moses is purposely driven in developing ICT tools and platforms for psycho-social and economic development with the aim of working and empowering young Malawians and vulnerable groups across Malawi. He upholds high interest in (learning and he regards) big data, Artificial intelligence and machine learning as some of the disciplines to drive the ICT industry in organizations and Malawi as a nation.


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