MacBain Mkandawire

MacBain Mkandawire holds a Master of Science in Leadership and Change Management from Leeds Metropolitan University in United Kingdom and Bachelor of Education (Science). He is the Executive Director of Youth Net and Counselling (YONECO). MacBain has been a lecturer in Chemistry and Chemistry Education for five years at Domasi College of Education (secondary school teacher training) and secondary school teacher for five years as well. MacBain’s work in child rights movement dates back in early nineties as a Patron of Young Voices, a child rights movement that took roots in Malawi. In 1997, MacBain Mkandawire founded Youth Net and Counselling (YONECO) which has grown to one of the largest child rights organisations in Malawi ( In 2000, MacBain successfully facilitated the establishment of the Zomba Juvenile Justice Forum which emerged to be the National Child Justice Forum currently as a national programme on child justice matters. In 2006, MacBain initiated a Child Helpline Services for youth and children which has developed into a national child helpline services. MacBain has over time been responsible for the development of the child rights movement at local and international levels. MacBain is currently the co-chair of the national technical working group on social welfare. MacBain Mkandawire has held several portfolios of local and international nature which include Regional Representative, Child Helpline Africa Region (2008 – 2010); Chair, Council for Non-Governmental Organisations in Malawi (2014 to 2017) Chair of Civil Society Education Coalition (CSEC – Malawi – 2012 – 2014) , Chair of Feed the Children Malawi Advisory Board (2013 to present); Chair – Finance Committee of ANCEFA and Moderator for African Network for the Campaign for Education for All (ANCEFA), Chair – Parenting in Africa Network; Custodian – Africawide Movement for Children (AMC) among others. Apart from this, MacBain is also a member of International Society for the prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN), CIVICUS among others. MacBain has serious research interests in matters relating to violence and abuse against children, parenting and drug and substance abuse and the impact on children and engagement of communities in prevention of child marriages. As a strategic leader, MacBain has influence in policy making for children’s rights and also the engagement of the community groups.


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