Mr. Samuel Bota joined YONECO as a Board Member in 2010 and is Chairperson of Programmes and Projects Committee. Mr Bota holds a Diploma in Agricultural Sciences, BSc in Agricultural Science and Post Graduate Diploma and MSc in Agriculture (Rural Development Management and Administration). Mr. Bota has a long term career in development as follows: Project Officer (1987-1988), Kasungu Agricultural Development Division, Training Officer (1989-1996), Ministry of Agriculture Headquarters, Senior Human Resource Development Officer (1996-98), Ministry of Health Headquarters, Freelance Consultant (1999-2000), Lecturer (2000-2002), University of Malawi, Bunda College of Agriculture, Director of Programmes and Training/Vice Principal, Natural Resources College and Team Leader/Sole Proprietor (2008-2013), Development Training and Research Consultants. Mr. Bota areas of specialty include project management (Project Design, Appraisal and Project Monitoring and Evaluation) and Training and development including Training Needs Assessment, Training Programme Design, Modules/Curricula/Syllabi, Facilitation, Training Monitoring and Evaluation) and Research, mostly Action Research. Mr. Bota field of expertise include Rural Development, Food Security, Livelihoods HIV & AIDS in the context of Agriculture, Food Security, Nutrition, and Livelihoods) and training management.

Phone: +265 888 958 726


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