Sewenthe Chipofya Mahwayo

Sewenthe Chipofya Mahwayo is a holder of advance Diploma in Rural and Community Development under ABM.

Currently she is studying Bachelor’s degree in Social Work with DMI St. John the Baptist University. Sewenthe is working with Youth Net and Counselling as Programmes Support Manager and District Manager for Ntcheu. She is also responsible to provide backstopping in Balaka, Machinga, Zomba and Chikwawa districts.

Before she joined YONECO, she worked with Community Initiative Against Drug and Substance Abuse as a Counsellor from 1st January 2001 to 30th May 2002. Later in 2003 she joined Catholic Development Commission (CADECOM) where she was working as Field Monitor up to 2004.

Having worked with YONECO from 2004 up to date, Sewenthe has developed her capacity on Project Management and currently she is coordinating two projects namely, Feed the Future Malawi Agriculture Diversification USAID project and Empowering young people to manage their health risks a DFID project.

Sewenthe is passionate to work with Youth and Women on access to SRH&R services and Economic empowerment.  In Ntcheu district she has facilitated the establishment of a number of VSL groups where women are able to buy shares, loan each other and engage in small scale businesses. Through this, most women are economically empowered.

Further to that, Sewenthe has been fighting for the rights of women, youth and children and whenever their rights have been violated she has been seeking for justice.

Sewenthe is a gender activist and in many forums she has been advocating for women and girls to be in leadership positions. In addition Sewenthe is a trainer of Electoral Administration and was trained in 2014 by BRIDGE project partners.

In 2008 Sewenthe won an award as Outstanding Performer while managing Balaka district. In 2013 she won again for her active participation at the annual staff meeting.

Being someone managing five districts is no mean achievement and currently she is planning to pursue a leadership course. The skills will go a long way in efficiently and effectively managing the assigned districts.


Phone no: +265 888 209 974


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