Deogratius Mwalamoyo is a self-starter and highly motivated young man. Deogratius joined Youth Net and Counselling [YONECO] as a radio intern on 3 April, 2019. However, Deogratius is still working as a radio intern [producer/presenter] and he is well known as “Omwala, akamuna pakati pa muna, mamuna adzida koma asamade kuposa apongozi ake chifukwa kuda kuposa apongozi ako ndi Kuderera kuda.”

Being a young man, Deogratius has tremendous interest to become skilled in his professional, hence he is managing to present, record and produce different programmes such as sports, Wachinyamata Wakale, Zapadzana, Padiwa and Chitukuko ndi Achinyamata.

Furthermore, Deogratius is a diploma holder in journalism obtained at Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ) and being young energetic young man he is looking forward to improve and add up some skills that can assist to promote rights of youth, women and children through the programmes that are lined by YONECO.


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