Mbanandi Saka Mahala is a highly skilled professional in communication and development, possessing extensive experience of over five years. She has demonstrated expertise in various areas including public speaking, content development, and project management.

Mbanandi embarked on her professional journey at YONECO on September 10, 2015, initially working as a reporter. With her exceptional abilities, she swiftly advanced within the organization, achieving significant milestones along the way. She progressed from Deputy Chief Producer for Projects and Programs to the esteemed position of Chief Reporter. Presently, Mbanandi serves as the Head of News and Current Affairs, assuming the responsibility of overseeing the newsroom department.

Beyond her managerial duties, Mbanandi has played a crucial role in orchestrating a noteworthy three-year Community Mental Health Project. This initiative aimed to establish and connect mentally ill individuals with community-level and home-based care structures in Malawi. Her deep-rooted passion for mental health matters and unwavering dedication to programs targeting youth and women propel her work forward. Mbanandi strongly advocates for dispelling stereotypes and debunking myths surrounding mental illness. She strives to foster public understanding that individuals with mental illness are just as capable as anyone else.


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