Rodrick Sinoya is a resourceful and innovative communication person with working experience in both mainstream media and NGO sectors. He has relevant knowledge in project coordination and radio production. He is an awardee of HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis Journalist of the Year (MISA Malawi Annual Media Awards 2014). He co-produced an award winning GEWE project documentary (2014).

He joined Youth Net and Counseling YONECO in June 2014 as Chief Reporter in YFM. As Chief Reporter, Rodrick is responsible for the overall management of YONECO FM’s Newsroom including assigning reporters different tasks. He edits stories as well as compiling news bulletins. He also assists in resource mobilization. Rodrick also led in the development of YONECO FM’s Editorial Policy. He provides technical advice to the organization’s (YONECO) Management team on media related issues.

Apart from radio related work, Rodrick was tasked to coordinate a Health Social and Behaviour Change Communications project as well as chairing YONECO’s Internal Procurement Committee. As a Coordinator, he was responsible but not limited to the following; developing evidence based social and behavior change communication (SBCC) strategies and manuals, pre-testing prototype SBCC materials to ensure that they are acceptable, comprehensive and responsive to the health information needs of different target audiences, planning and coordinating SBCC campaigns as well as documenting success stories and best practices for dissemination through various fora.

Rodrick Sinoya is a holder of BA in Journalism (BAJ) obtained from The Malawi Polytechnic. Rodrick has also attended a number of short courses on SBCC, Investigative Journalism, Conflict Reporting, Proposal Development and Safety of Journalists.

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