Dauson Whayo
District Manager - YONECO Rumphi

Dauson Whayo holds a Bachelors degree of Education – Special Needs from Catholic University of Malawi and he holds a Certificate in Initial Primary Teacher Education and a Certificate of Teaching HIV/AIDS Pandemic a course designed for Teacher Educators of Sub-Saharan Africa to respond to HIV/AIDS Pandemic in African Communities, from University of Western Cape. Dauson joined YONECO in December, 2016 and is the District Manager of Youth Net and Counselling (YONECO) for Rumphi District. Dauson had been a Teacher Trainer at Lilongwe Teacher Training College for eight years after teaching in various Resource Centres and Primary Schools for sixteen years. At a Teacher Training College, he was teaching Foundation Studies, Life Skills Education and Special Needs Education. He attended and completed several short courses which include: Life Skills Education for Teacher Trainer offered at Malawi Institute of Education; Institutional and Record Keeping and Management for Professionals by Liverpool Hope University and SOS Children Village of Malawi Trust (2004); Dauson`s position outline in YONECO include: Providing guidance and expertise in enhancement of child development and protection; enabling the youth development, Planning, managing / coordinating and monitoring projects available in the district; carrying out gender and women rights; Preparing budgets for managing projects at district level; consolidating the official reports at district level and submit the reports to authorities in timely manner; Organizing the implementation process; Institutional development and management and documenting success stories for the best practices achieved in the District. The current projects in the District, include: Child Labour Elimination Action for real Change (CLEAR Project) and Intergrating Youth Friendly Health Services Project (Segal Project, looking at SRHR issues) and is being implemented by Hospital Staff. Dauson participated in the National and International survey for the improvement of the literacy domain in Primary and Teacher Education. He took part in the national survey for education improvement in Malawi whereby, had been seconded by the Ministry of Education to accompany delegates to Zambia (Lusaka and Chipata) in the initiative of the Malawi Breakthrough to Literacy. He was one of the people who wrote and produced a Primary Mathematics Text book for infant section and a Teacher Training module for Initial Primary Teacher Education ( IPTE) for Foundation Studies, the concepts that helped to add value in the National Primary Curriculum and Assessment and Teacher Education Curriculum. Dauson collected ideas in carrying out a research and coming up with a dissertation on: Role of Early Childhood Education to a learner with Special Needs. This was a study in partial fulfilment of the requirements of Bachelor of Education Degree (Major in Special Needs). Dauson has a vision to join hands with district staff to come up with a proposal so that Rumphi should have a Youth Centre for YONECO, (a building) that shall accommodate all youth interventions and help accordingly the exising youth clubs.