Johnes Walankhula
Administrative Assistant

Johns Walankhula Joined YONECO in March, 2017 as an Administrative Assistant. Johns holds Certificate in Financial Accounting, Institute of Chartered Accountants in Malawi
assisting in the routine management of the administrative aspect of the organization, assisting in management and administration of human resources policies, procedures and programmes, assisting in carrying out responsibilities in the following functional areas human resource planning, development and management of human resource, office administration procedures and practices and reporting assisting in facilitating staff recruitment, supervising employees and staffing logistics, assist to develop and implement performance management and improvement systems, supporting staff orientations, development and training, assist in developing and regularly updating human resource plans, assist in communicating relevant human resource and administration policies, support the administration of staff compensation and benefits, support the implementation of employee safety, welfare and health procedures and practices, support the procurement of goods, services, equipment and assets of the organization and assist with the interpretation, communication and implementation of organizational policies