The purpose of the programme is to broaden peoples horizon in civil and political life in order to contribute meaningfully to their society and so doing the determination of their destiny. For this to be achieved, it is vital that they understand their rights and are given the space to formulate their views and influence the policy structures that affect them.
Public service and accountability
Communities are empowered to demand their ‘right to development’ as stipulated in international and national documents such as the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi, section 30. Communities are mobilized though training of community structures such as Area Development Committees (ADCs), Village Development Committees (VDCs), Health Committees (HCs), School Management Commmittees (SMCs), Parent and Teacher Associates (PTAs), Child protection committees (CPCs) CBOs, etc. This equips communities with information and the needed skills to advocate for improved public services.

Civic Education and political participation
Civil education and meaningful political participation of citizens through community structures and institutions through:

  • Aspiring candidates for political positions by training them in good governance and human rights
  • Community awareness meetings
  • Radio programmes
  • Community public debates
  • Information education materials distribution

Human Rights Monitoring and Litigation
YONECO takes an active role in the prevention and litigation of human rights abuses. Some of the projects and activities include.

  • Training of Community Based Educators (CBEs)
  • Advocates and Child Protection Workers (CPWs) monitor human rights abuses and report them through formal reporting mechanism such as the police
  • Tithandizane helpline used to report cases of human rights abuses
  • YONECO uses trained paralegals to support victims of human rights abuses such as women, children and other venerable groups of society.
  • YONECO works hand in hand with the Malawi Police Service through the Victims Support Unit (VSU) and magistrate courts directly and through the Court Users Committee
  • Human Rights research done by YONECO or in partnership with other organizations
  • Continuous capacity building of YONECO staff members to ensure quality personnel who can effectively promote and protect the beneficiary’s human rights.
  • In collaboration with other like-minded partners YONECO conducts national scaled advocacy on various research evidence.