The programme targets young people between the ages of 10 and 29. These are in and out of school youth. The major purpose of the programme is to provide the youth with opportunities and competencies to be able to sustainably respond to issues affecting them, especially poverty.

Economic Empowerment
YONECO focuses on empowering youth, repairing and integrating them socially, economically and economy to be part of the shaping Malawian society. Several projects and activities that stimulate this empowerment process are:

  • Training in business management
  • Provisions of loans
  • Livelihood activities
  • Vocational Skills development in e.g. welding. Carpentry and batique
  • Linking them to other training institutions.

Youth Leadership and Participation
For youth to lead the nation of today and tomorrow, YONECO provides support and build the capacity of youth’s leadership skills through:

  • Training of youth NGOs and CBOs in leadership skills
  • Management of their organisations
  • International and local interns and volunteers in YONECO are integrated in various organisational programmes and activities in order to develop their leadership and participation skills as they develop into instrumental adults in their respective careers

Youth Health
YONECO is committed to improving, educating and advocating for the health of youth through a number of initiatives:

  • Peer education and community awareness meetings on issues of SRH and HIV and AIDS
  • Life Skills education through trainings in life skills
  • Auntie Stella: Interactive pack about sexual and reproductive health for young people
  • HIV /AIDS and SRH information through YONECO resource centres
  • HIV/AIDS information dissemination and awareness through sporting activities such as ‘grassroots soccer’

Education Training
We aim to enhance literacy and numerical skills for both  young people and adults by several means:

  • School dropouts are accommodated in centres to improve their numerical and literacy skills
  • Facilitation of vocational training of youth, equipping them with the basic skills and knowledge needed to be passed on or for entrepreneurship