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MHRC Executive Secretary visits YONECO.

MHRC Executive Secretary visits YONECO.

The Executive Secretary for the Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC), David Nungu, toured YONECO Head Office in Zomba.

The visit was aimed at familiarizing with the organisation’s various innovative approaches that are employed to promote the rights and welfare of the youth, women and children in Malawi.

During the tour, The Executive Secretary for MHRC toured the Tithandizane Helpline Service Centre which houses the Child Helpline (116); the GBV Crisis Line (5600) and the Drug and Substance Abuse Hotline.

During the tour, the Executive Secretary for MHRC further toured YONECO FM Studios as well as YONECO ICT centre.

Lemani Makina

One thought on “MHRC Executive Secretary visits YONECO.

DunreckPosted on  11:38 am - Sep 29, 2017

The way to go, ICT is part of the solutions to end social injustices

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