Achieving sustainable development and real social change depends on working with and adequately equipping young people and women to participate in all areas of the Malawian society. Since 1997, we pride ourself in rights-based and inclusive programming to facilitate meaningful youth participation and development, advance gender equality, protect and safeguard the rights of children and women, and promote good governance and social accountability at all levels

Promote Social Accountability

YONECO stimulates citizens’ voice and provides local communities with platforms to demand and promote social accountability. We use Complaints and Feedback Mechanisms (CFMs), community interface and dialogue sessions, budget tracking, and the YONECO FM Radio to facilitate and promote real social accountability.

Promote Access to Information

We run a 24/7 community-of-interest radio station with nationwide coverage, the YONECO FM Radio, which provides a trusted platform for engagement and disseminating information on issues such as governance and human rights, GBV, SRHR, gender equality, education, and sustainable development. YONECO also uses SMS bulk tool, social media, web-based portals, and community participatory theatre (through…

Empower the Youth

YONECO provides opportunities and competencies to young people aged 10 to 29 for them to adequately respond to issues affecting them especially poverty. We develop young people by empowering them with life skills, technical skills, resources, information, digital and financial literacy to enhance their independence and active participation in development processes.

Achieve Gender Equality

YONECO employs Gender Transformative Approaches, involves males as agents of change, and facilitates community dialogue with community gatekeepers including traditional and religious leaders to transform social norms and promote gender equality. We empower women and girls with skills, resources, information and financial literacy to enhance their bargaining power and assertiveness to participate equally in all…

End Violence Against Women/Girls

YONECO prevents and responds to violence against women/girls using the national Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Crisis Line which includes a 24/7 toll-free hotline (5600) for reporting VAWG, and accessing psychosocial support and information.

Protect Children

YONECO safeguards and protects children from violence and abuse using the national Tithandizane Child Helpline which includes a 24/7 toll-free hotline (116) for reporting child violence and abuse, and accessing online counseling, psychosocial support and information.