Achieving sustainable development and real social change depends on working with and adequately equipping young people and women to participate in all areas of the Malawian society. Since 1997, we pride ourself in rights-based and inclusive programming to facilitate meaningful youth participation and development, advance gender equality, protect and safeguard the rights of children and women, and promote good governance and social accountability at all levels

Making Community Voices Count in Mining

Making Voices Count (MVC) is a community-based project that seeks to empower communities surrounding mining areas to hold miners and mining companies accountable and contribute to the social and economic development of youth, women and children. MVC recognises that communities are rights holders as well as duty bearers. Communities as rights holders should ensure that…

Action for Teen Mothers and Adolescent Girls in Central Region

Introduction Action for Teen Mothers and Adolescent Girls in Central Region project is being implemented by YONECO and other partners with funding from Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and UNFPA. Duration The project commenced in 2022 and will phase out in 2024. Impact Areas The project is being implemented in Dedza in the areas of…

Making Communities Resilient to Climate Induced Health Challenges

 Malawi faces recurrent drastic weather conditions that includes dry spells, seasonal droughts, intense rainfall, riverine floods, and flash floods.  Malawi has had three major cyclones in a space of less than 15 months – Cyclone Ana (January 2022), Gombe (March 2022) and Freddy (March 2023).  Health service delivery have been affected by…

Promote Social Accountability

YONECO stimulates citizens’ voice and provides local communities with platforms to demand and promote social accountability. We use Complaints and Feedback Mechanisms (CFMs), community interface and dialogue sessions, budget tracking, and the YONECO FM Radio to facilitate and promote real social accountability.

Promote Access to Information

We run a 24/7 community-of-interest radio station with nationwide coverage, the YONECO FM Radio, which provides a trusted platform for engagement and disseminating information on issues such as governance and human rights, GBV, SRHR, gender equality, education, and sustainable development. YONECO also uses SMS bulk tool, social media, web-based portals, and community participatory theatre (through…

Empower the Youth

YONECO provides opportunities and competencies to young people aged 10 to 29 for them to adequately respond to issues affecting them especially poverty. We develop young people by empowering them with life skills, technical skills, resources, information, digital and financial literacy to enhance their independence and active participation in development processes.