Esnarth Priminta (Deputy Chief Reporter-Current Affairs)

Esnarth Priminta joined Youth Net and Counselling in January 2015 as a Radio Announcer. She was responsible for continuity shifts and producing radio programmes. She was promoted to the position of Deputy Chief Reporter in April, 2015. As a Deputy Chief Reporter, Esnarth is responsible for supervising Reporters, supporting Reporters with logistics in the production…

Chisomo Khasu (Deputy Chief Technician)

Chisomo Khasu is a holder of an Advanced Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication engineering and started working with YONECO in July 2017 as a radio technician. In early January 2020, he was promoted to the position of Deputy Chief Technician. I find working with electronics (hardware) so interesting since nowadays with the advanced technology, no…

Peterson Patel (Radio Technician)

Peterson Patel is a seasoned Broadcasting Technician with proven skills and experience in all three sections of Broadcasting Engineering thus Studio, Transmission and Maintenance. He has worked with a number of broadcasters before joining YONECO FM in January 2017 as a Radio Technician.I have never risen to any position ever since joining the YONECO FM.

Hasten Dzowela (Radio Technician)

Hasten Dzowela is a holder of the Technician Diploma in Telecommunication Systems and a Certificate in the same field. He is also a holder of Certificate in working at Height, Heathy and Safety as well as First Aid. Hasten joined YONECO on July 3, 2017 as a Radio Technician and his work involves providing technical…

Annie Kamtswatswa (Radio Technician)

Annie Kamtswatswa joined YONECO in 2017 as a Radio Technician. She is a holder of Honors Degree in Electrical and Telecommunication Engineering. She believes that Persistent, Resilient and Patience is the key to success in life.

Medson Jeffrey (Producer/Presenter)

Medson Jeffrey joined Youth Net and Counselling (YONECO) in August 2017 as a Radio Intern. However, in August, 2019 he was employed as a Producer and Presenter. So far his work involves producing and presenting programs for air play including Nasheed Hour and Youth and Islam.