MacDonald Manda who hails from Rumphi district is among the beneficiaries of the Youth Development Fund (YEDEF) loans. In April 2011, the fund loaned him K300, 000.00 to set up a business enterprise of his choice.

Prior to the YEDEF loan (in 2008) he had acquired the necessary skills and craftsmanship from Jenga Support Centre at Bolero with sponsorship from TEVETA. Thus, Manda ventured into welding business and he opened his welding shop right at Bolero Trading Centre.

Mac Donald is now a well known Welder in the area and he is training his two young brothers who completed their secondary school education last year. However, he stated that his business is not really flourishing at the moment but he was quick to say that some developments are taking place though.

“Although I am facing some challenges, like the lack of customers, but I am at least economically independent. I am able to support myself and my family with the little I get from my business”, said the 32 year old Manda.

Today, MacDonald’s economic wellbeing cannot be compared with many young men at Bolero Trading Centre. He gets a monthly profit of at least K20, 000 and it enables him to manage his family’s financial needs.

 Mac Donald thanked the Malawi government for offering him a training opportunity through TEVETA and also for the loan he got through YEDEF


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