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4th Regional Conference on Parenting

Embracing technology for the safety of children: Ending online violence Against children

October 24 – 28, 2017, Sun and Sand Holiday Resort, Mangochi, Malawi


The Government of Malawi  in partnership with  Parenting in Africa Network (PAN), Malawi, SOS SOS Childrens Villages Malawi and Youth Net and Counselling (YONECO) will be hosting the 4th Pan African Conference on Parenting at Sun and Sand Holiday Resort in Mangochi from  24 – 28 October 2017.

Parenting in Africa Network (PAN) is a Network of organizations, individuals and institutions keen to promote skilful parenting practices in Africa, for the overall wellbeing of children and families. PAN ultimately works to strengthen families through advocacy on skilful parenting in Africa, in line with priority Number 6 of the AU (African Union) Plan of Action on the family: Strengthening of family relationships. Active membership is spread across Eastern and Southern Africa, but, we are gaining ground into North, Central and West Africa.

Conference Theme:

The conference theme is Child Online Safety and Security – Ending Online Violence against Children. The conference will bring together Civil Society Organisations, practitioners, knowledge and research institutions and policy makers from Africa and beyond to share on evidence based on promising practices, legislation and policy implementation research and studies conducted on the role of family in preventing violence against children.


Conference Objectives:

  1. Promote learning and sharing among stakeholders on promising practices across the region.
  2. Launch country specific campaigns on online violence against children
  3. Increase knowledge on the use of technology in enhancing safety of children.
  4. Create awareness on existing national, regional and Africa wide legislative framework

Call for Presentations:

The conference organising team is therefore calling for papers on the following sub themes:

  1. Technology focusing on software problems and solutions to online violence against children, trends and emerging issues in online violence against children, promising practices and unexplored products that enhance safety of children
  2. Progress in Policy with focus on policies and legislative frameworks that guard against online violence on children, monitoring frameworks and structures for measuring progress and reporting mechanisms for reporting offensive online material and disposal of the same.
  3. Online Violence in Care Settings providing solutions institutional practices to protect children from online violence, promising practices that integrate online child safety, and normal programing and innovations that enhance child safety


Conference Registration and registration

The registration fees to the conference is US$100 or equivalent in Malawi kwacha. However, the conference registration does not include accommodation its only participation fees. Particiants have to find their own accommodation or arrange to pay accommodation through reduced rate by the conference organisers.

MacBain Mkandawire, Executive Director, Youth Net and Counseling – YONECO on 0888958726 or 0888845606 or  or



Ms Esther Okoth, Programme Manager, PAN Secretariat,

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