YONECO staff in Zomba took off some 20 minutes to give a special recognition to YONECO’s founding Executive Director, MacBain Mkandawire, for the eight-national service he rendered to the Council for Non-Governmental Organizations in Malawi (CONGOMA). MacBain Mkandawire served in CONGOMA for 4 years as well as 3 years as a Board Member and Chairperson for NGO-governing body.

During the memorable 20 minutes, members of staff present and the Executive Director shared a cake that was baked with the words “A Journey of No Regrets: 7 Years of National Service”. The words were quoted from a speech which MacBain made to YONECO members of staff a day after he retired as the Chairperson for CONGOMA.
In his remarks, Mkandawire said that he is happy that as a patriotic citizen of Malawi he had a chance of contributing towards shaping CONGOMA as well as ensuring that it is moving towards the right direction.

“I am retiring a happy man and glad that I served without selling or diluting the ideology of CONGOMA” said MacBain.

In addition to this, Mkandawire further urged the members of staff to be diligent and serve the marginalized groups of people with respect and with all the dignity they deserve.

The function also served as an opportunity for YONECO Staff to present to the Executive Director a Certificate of Recognition which UNICEF awarded YONECO for the best performance in amplifying the voices of communities.


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