Augustine Chikatentha joined YONECO in 2018 as an intern and he got employed in 2019 as a Human Rights Assistant in the Office of the Executive Director. Augustine is also part of the communications team responsible for documentation. In addition, he is coordinating a WFP funded project called Integrated Complaints and Feedback Mechanisms for WFP Programmes, which YONECO is implementing in 10 districts across the southern region of Malawi.

Augustine holds a Bachelor’s Degtree in Mass Communication which he obtained from African Bible College.

Augustine is a trained counselor, who can interact with diverse individuals to help them with finding positive solutions to a wide range of problems.

Moved by the passion to see a successful, youth-led Malawi, he is committed to working with young people to help them realize their potential, and embrace the right attitude which will see them succeed, even in the face of adversity.



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