The photos of the Headmaster of Mankhamba Primary School on December 8, 2017 on the Facebook sparked debate and discussions. People were worried and other felt this was another political gimmick meant to raise money for private purposes.

However, the commitment and drive of the parents surrounding Mankhamba School, the innocence of the children coupled with the drive and passion in the head teacher, were enough to move the Executive Director and team at ECLT to commit the resources to the school as a way of eliminating child Labour.

In February 2018, the foundation committed US$14,050 for the finalization of the three teachers’ houses and building the staff room with the headmaster’s office. The situation has brought hope to the 470 children from 357 in December 2017. Interestingly, there are two issues that are coming.

“Parents are forcing me to enroll the children in Standard 1 now. I am afraid now I cannot, it is too late now to deal with this”, said Mankhamba Primary School Headmaster.

“By the way, right now parents want me to establish standard five. The communities have the feeling that they have enough bricks that could be used to construct the new classes,” added the Head Teacher.

These are development that were noted during the delivery of the first consignment of the materials with support from ECLT. Communities have mobilized adequate community contribution – sand, bricks, quarry and manpower to carry the materials.
We say Kudos to ECLT foundation for coming to the rescue of Mankhamba Primary School. There is hope indeed that these children can have access to the quality education. The project is expected to be completed by end of May 2018.


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