In a bid to deal with climate change, pollution and promote hygienic measures in the country, youths from Zomba city, have embarked on an initiative which is meant to keep the city clean.

On Saturday, 1 4th of July, youths from YONECO’s Drop-in Centers (DIC) of Chinamwali and Mapale, organized themselves and carried out a sweeping exercise from the District Commissioner’s offices to the bus depot.

One of the organization’s officers, who is based at Chinamwali (DICs), who also led the group, Ethel Mkandawire, said the organization believes that involving the youth in such activities can be a step forward towards curbing the environmental challenges affecting the country.

“Youths have a big role to play in the fight against climate change which is negatively affecting our country just like other countries across the world and now it’s time to take such responsibilities and act,” said Mkandawire.

She further said the action was also a sign that the duty of carrying out developmental activities lies in the hands of the young people as citizens rather than relying on government alone. One of the youths who took part in the exercise, Twayibu Nthanje, expressed the need for the youth to take part in advocating and promoting hygiene in the country.

He bemoaned the tendency of most youths from different communities who are just staying idle saying the development drives their mind to indulge into hazardous behaviors such as unruly sexual conducts and the use of drugs and alcohol substances.

“The youth must always be active in activities that are meant to promoting our nation through taking an active role in activities like this sweeping exercise instead of wasting our time drinking beer or smoking, a development which is putting our lives at risk,” he said.

He therefore pleaded with the youth in the city to be in the forefront in similar exercises and patronize YONECO’s DICs where they can learn how to take care of their health.

The youths mobilized themselves with resources such as brooms and collection plastic bags to implement the exercise. Apart from cleaning the city, the exercise was also used as an awareness camping tool to inform people on the services offered by YONECO in their Drop-in centers.


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