Department of E-government, under the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, has vowed to back Youth Net & Counselling (YONECO) in publicizing its toll-free helplines.

The assurance was given during a site visit to YONECO’s head office on the cool morning of 29th January, 2019 by a delegation from the department of E-government and officials from the Ministry of Gender, respectively.

The interface visit was organized to orient and acquaint the delegation on the various activities and projects that YONECO is implementing on behalf of government.

Speaking after splendid interactions with YONECO staff, Helpline services, ICT department and YFM Radio, Director of E-government, Francis Bisika noted that the local NGO is doing a lot more than what meets the eyes of many people out there.

“We are fascinated by what we have seen here; it is impressive,” enthused Bisika.

“However, I am sure a lot of people across Malawi do not know about the toll-free helpline services you are offering here.”

Following thorough discussions with the Executive Director for YONECO, MacBain Mkandawire, Bisika stressed that E-government will take up the responsibility of supporting the publicity of YONECO’s toll-free helpline services.

Youth Net & Counselling has three active and robust toll-free helplines: 116 for reporting issues pertaining to child abuse; 6600 for reporting drug and substance abuse matters; and 5600 for reporting gender based violence.


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