YONECO Drop-in-Centre (DIC) which is situated at Chinamwali Township in Zomba received a number of teaching and learning materials for its Early Child Development (ECD) Centre from Partners in Action for Sustainable Development (PASD).

Chinamwali DIC Manager, Happiness Chanunkha, expressed his gratitude and stated that the gesture will go a long way in supporting early childhood development interventions at the centre. Chanunkha further stated that the donation will also motivate care givers to continue working hard.

“I would like to thank our colleagues from PASD for paying us a visit with this donation. Their donation has come at the right time and will help the DIC to move a milestone further in the provision of ECD services,” said Chanunkha.

One of the Care Givers at the Centre, Thandi Kwilasi also expressed her gratitude and applauded PASD for what she described as a priceless gesture. Kwilasi stated that ECD Centres require enough materials in order to achieve the intend goal.

Pencils, crayons, pens, books, soccer ball, rulers, folders, plain papers, petal markers and other learning materials were among the materials that were donated by the NGO to the DIC.

The Partners in Action Sustainable Development is a Non-Governmental Organization that conducts different development activities in education and environment sector.

By: Lonjezo Idrissa


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