The youth who participate in various sessions at YONECO’s Mapale Youth Drop-In-Centre (DIC) in Zomba City have embarked on raising awareness about Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Violence against Children (VAC) among their fellow young people.

The chairperson for the group, Sakokela Mvula stated that young people especially adolescent girls are facing various forms of GBV. Mvula added that it is unfortunate that many young people suffer in silence due to lack of adequate information about GBV and the psychological impact the vice has on an individual who is being abused.

Sakokela Mvula further applauded the use of plays as one of the best ways of conveying critical information to young people. Mvula explained that young people do not like dull moments in their lives hence the use of edutainment so that they should laugh together and learn key issues at the same time.

“Plays are useful channels that enhances effective communication. Many young people find it easy to comprehend issues when they are properly depicted in a play unlike mare talks,” said Mvula.

The youth group also intends to extend their reach to schools and other townships within Zomba City.

Commenting on the matter, one of the officers at the Drop-In-centre, Charity Nkhambule, agreed that there is need for young people to have adequate information for them to ably prevent or report GBV incidences.

The youth group has also been using the opportunities they get to publicise YONECO’s Tithandizane Helplines which respond to Child Protection issues (116), GBV (5600) as well as the Drug and Substance Hotline.




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