Malawi Broadcasting Cooperation (MBC) is one of the biggest media institutions in Malawi and of course, one of the dream destinations for many Malawian media scholars. However, Malawi has a high youth unemployment rate which translates into a ruthless competition on the job market especially in reputable institutions.
About two years ago, Moreni Gondwa was just one of the young graduates from the Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ) who nursed ambitions of working for MBC. However, his lack of experience back then was a solid block which stood between him and his dream.

One Sunday afternoon, Moreni was happy to receive an email from YONECO FM’s Managing Director, MacBain Mkandawire notifying him that his application for internship was successful. Moreni, together with other fellow young people joined the institution in 2017. Gondwa was happy to hear that building and strengthening the capacities of young people in various fields was part of YONECO’s core business.

Fast forward to 2019, Moreni Gondwa who is now 24, has become a renowned radio personality. Moreni cannot afford to hide the overflowing happiness he has. The charm, skills and a good commanding voice which he mastered at YFM has
now catapulted him to a position he wanted at MBC.

Moreni Gondwa stated that he will always cherish the time and drills which hurled him from a mere journalism student to a celebrated young radio personality he has now become.

“One magic thing about YONECO is the trust which the institution has in young people. As a young intern, I was entrusted to present the best and most loved radio programmes. I also covered high profile events which, in other media houses, are reserved for old timers,” explained Moreni.

Among other things, Moreni covered the announcement of the 2019 Tripartite Elections live on YFM, SADC Conference on Energy as well as national commemoration events for the international Youth Day, World Mental Health Day and International Youth Day among other events.

Further to this, Moreni was also entrusted with the production and airing of a number of radio programmes including; 50-50 Gender Campaign, Youth and Environment, Nditha, Zathu Zomwe, and Brother to Brother.


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