YONECO will go into the new year with an accolade of excellence for its effective contribution towards the implementation of the National Response against Trafficking in Persons  (TIP) which was presented at a gala that was held at Capital Hotel in Lilongwe.

The Ministry of Homeland Security and the National Coordination Committee Against Trafficking in Persons presented the award to YONECO for outstanding work in 2018-2019.

In his remarks, the Chairperson for the committee stated that YONECO offered facilities for the public to report cases through Tithandizane toll-free helpline services, raising awareness through theatre and its radio station as well as providing support to survivors of trafficking in Persons.

In his acceptance speech, the Executive Director for YONECO, MacBain Mkandawire thanked the committee as well as his members of staff for their diligence and hard work.

“It’s an honour to receive an award for the work you do. Thanks to my team and continue providing the services”, said MacBain Mkandawire.

According to the Ministry of Homeland Security and United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Malawi, the fight against trafficking in persons can never be won without intensive public education and creation of friendly facilities for case reporting mechanisms.


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