As a way and enhancing helpline support services to all people in Malawi, YONECO through its Tithandizane National Helpline Centre has introduced free postal addresses for reporting Violence against Children (VAC) and Gender Based Violence (GBV).

The approach has been adopted to ensure that the youth, women and children are able to report on VAC and GBV as well as ensuring that the youth and children are being engaged on various issues that concern them like health, climate change and education.

Thus, apart from reporting VAC and GBV cases, young people and the youth can also send their contributions to a quarterly children’s magazine which YONECO produces, YFM radio Programmes as well as give feedback on YONECO’s general programming.

The postal addresses have adopted the short codes for the Child Helpline (116) and GBV Crisis Line (5600). All the letters will be sent for free and YONECO will be covering the costs. This is a tireless effort in ensuring that economic situation should not hinder people from seeking services or commenting on various issues that affect them.

The postal addresses are; The Manager, Tithandizane Helpline Services, P/Bag 116 or P/Bag 5600, Zomba, Malawi.


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