Parents have applauded YFM’s High Five Radio Programme for effectively engaging children in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Programme is a child-led phone-in programme which, among others, gives a platform to children to engage and interact on various issues that affect their lives.
The programme which is aired every Saturday, provides a platform for the children to deliberate, give opinion and freely express themselves on a given topic of the day.
In her remarks, a Lilongwe based fan of YFM and High Five programme, Astridah Singini, said the programme has enabled her to understand the things which children want and the problems they face.
“The programme impresses me a lot. Children freely express themselves and this has enabled me to understand what my children might be going through,” she said.
Singini also said the programme is helping her children to remain active while indoors due to restrictions on movement due to COVID-19 pandemic.
High Five phone-in programme is one of the six child-led programmes that YFM broadcasts. The programmes are mainly aimed at enhancing child participation in various matters of their lives and of public.
The programmes are co-produced and presented by the children themselves.

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