Today I just want to highlight that

while we are busy with studies, meetings and travels, there are children in Phalombe who have been defiled and their cases are yet to be heard.

The older girl was defiled by a well known business man, arrested and then released on bail. Magistrate confirmed the case and so does the police. Three years down the road, no justice in sight. Similarly, the younger girl was defiled and nothing is happening.
Further to this, there is another girl as well whose defilement has resulted into fistula and we are informed medical report missed in the hands of the police and your guess is as good as mine. What do you get after all this?
A study is being done to generate evidence. Evidence for what? Statistics are being collected, statistics for what? Meetings are being organised for what?
Reports are being submitted – so what? My thoughts and mind are with all girls that have been defiled in the last 24 hours as child protection workers and experts are sleeping on their jobs.
The article has been copied from the Facebook Page of MacBain Mkandawire – The Executive Director of YONECO

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