Two days ago, an uncle defiled a 2-year-old girl. This came to the open when the survivor’s nun reported that the baby cries when touched on her private parts when bathing her.

The defiler is then given money for transport to go to their home. I have earlier said the girl was defiled by her uncle and this should be a constant reminder to be careful even if we are leaving children with relatives.
I am not saying you should not stay with relatives. I am saying be prepared to face reality. While this is the case, the parents took the child to hospital where they were told to sign a blank result sheet. I have said a blank result sheet. This is a medical doctor. The next result is that the child was never defiled. God have mercy and this is coming from a trained medical person.
Following this, Tithandizane Helpline Service gets a walk-in client. Following the visit, a closer look at the child reveals some bruises. The bruises indicate that there was defilement. One question that requires an answer is; ‘does the first doctor understand defilement issues?’.
These are issues that we are facing in child protection. Now, the trick is that we have two reports on the same defilement case. This is one of the many situations children are going through. In such a situation, who should the police believe? Does this make their investigations easier or the prosecution will be challenged? Well, you can guess.
But depending on the direction of the case, who should we trust? This shows how justice for children gets aborted. Children in Malawi are suffering. More action is required and we need to monitor the situation.
For parents, monitor the children more, listen to the little ones and analyze their behaviour. Child protection is a responsibility for all.
Copied from the Facebook page of MacBain Mkandawire- Executive Director of YONECO

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