Community members from Enukwenu in Mzimba district have hailed Titemwane Radio Listening Club (RLC) for the group’s untiring efforts towards amplifying community voices on development matters.

The Chairperson for the group, Naison Dzimbiri explained that his group mobilises community members to dialogue on various developmental challenges and ably engage duty bearers in seeking redress. Dzimbiri explained that there have been a number of positive results that have emanated from his group’s activities.

“Our work has seen the district council responding with speed to address various development issues. We have seen being constructed and roads being cleared,” said Dzimbiri.

However, Dzimbiri stated that despite having positive responses from duty bearers, there are still some issues which his group is still pursuing.

The Radio Listening Club was established by YONECO in conjunction with Mzimba Community under Citizen Led Advocacy in Open Contracting Project. The project is being implemented in Phalombe and Mzimba districts with funding from Hivos.


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