Members of Namasoko Radio Listening club (RLC) which is based in the area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Namasoko in Phalombe have avowed to champion environmental conservation after noticing a casual approach to an afforestation programme among community members in the area.

The recovery plan that was implemented under the Malawi Re-afforestation programme saw a number of people receiving tree seedlings to plant in their designated areas. Further to this, the community members who participated in the exercise were paid a total of MK 15,000 each. However, community members were not doing much in protecting the trees they planted hence the club’s intervention.
The group has been effectively using radio in raising awareness about the importance of community participation in environmental conservation. The club has managed to record a number of programmes that were aired on YONECO Radio Station (YFM) in a programme called Patsogolo ndi Chitukuko.
The fruits of the radio programme are now being realized as most community members are now caring for the trees they planted and the survival rate seems promising as well.
Namasoko RLC was established by YONECO under Citizen Led Engagement in Open Contracting project which is being funded by Hivos.
Phalombe is one of the disaster prone areas in Malawi which suffers property damage and loss of life as a result of climate change.

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