Today, YONECO Cultural Troupe lightened up community members and business persons who ply their trade within Namalaka Market in Zomba district. Through traditional songs and dances, the group recapped the dangers and consequences of child abuse.

The mood was dull as people run business as usual. Bicycle Taxi Operators stood on the entrance of the market waiting to ferry people to their destinations. Grocery stores were opened for their routine business.

All of a sudden, the troupe stormed the market squire. Bringing a new spectacle for the people to feast their eyes on. Business came to a standstill with Malangalanga, Chingande and Chisamba dances. The traditional songs were fused with child protection messages and urging community members to report all cases of child abuse through the toll-free Tithandizane National Helpline – 116. Members present were made aware of other child abuse reporting mechanisms including the Police Victims Support Unit

The Cultural Troupe is a unit which supports the communications department of YONECO in raising awareness, conducting community mobilization and advocacy on issues that affect the youth, women and children.


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