In a bid to enhance dialogue on issues of Gender Based Violence (GBV) YONECO showcased at Mbeu Yosintha (Seeds of Change) at the Malawi lens festival on the 26th of June 2021.

Mbeu Yosintha is a film set in rural communities in Malawi and it was produced by YONECO in collaboration with Purple Fields Production. The film aims at raising awareness and encouraging debate on critical social economic issues at community level. Focusing on colourful characters in rural communities the film deals with gender based violence, child education and youth development.
The story unfolds as issues are woven within the theme of hope in a community harassed by effects of climate change, deforestation, women empowerment and youth unemployment.
The event provided a vantage point for YONECO to showcase how the Mbeu Yosintha stimulated dialogue among community members on issues affecting them. YONECO’s Media Advocacy and Networking Officer emphasized on how community screenings brought together critical stakeholders at community level to share ideas, experiences and explored possible answers on issues destabilizing the general wellbeing of the people.
The space became a sphere for debate as participants tossed ideas and insights on filmmaking and gender based violence as depicted in the films at the same time reflecting on reality. The audience applauded YONECO on the work being done with the Tithandizane helpline uplifted as a brilliant and accessible response and reporting mechanism on issues of GBV.
The team had a moment to intermingle with The interaction touched based on how filmmakers can collaborate towards terminating the barbaric acts Malawi Lens is a programme designed to champion cinema while promoting Malawian film industry.
The initiative aims at fostering products that can compete at international market. Malawi lens promotes positive activities and a vibrant enterprise in film industry in Malawi.

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