• On 9 September, 2021, a network of Civil Society Organization (CSOs) in Chikwawa held elections to choose new office bearers at Vasco Milinyu Lodge where YONECO was entrusted with the position of the group’s Secretary.

The Director of Planning and Development (DPD) for the district who also presided over the elections, Thokozore Munthali, reminded the members who were present that CSOs are key as they complement government’s development efforts. Munthali further explained that the government may not be able to do everything on its own and vice versa hence the need for the Network to continue working with various government departments in the district.

“Chikwawa District Council appreciates the critical role which CSOs play in promoting socioeconomic welfare of all people in the district,” explained Chikwawa District Council DPD – Thokozile Munthali.

Chikwawa District has a total of 42 CSOs and five CSOs are the ones that were elected into the Executive Committee of the CSO Network. Other Executive Committee members are CCJP – Chair, DIN – Vice Chair, COMO – Vice Secretary and Red Cross was elected as the network’s Treasurer.


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