As YONECO, we are happy that this term, a total of 12 new learners have enrolled at our Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centre at Ntaja in Machinga district.

In our child protection and development work, we strongly believe that investing in the early years of children is the best investment we can make in ensuring their future success. A child’s early years are the foundation for his or her growth and development. As such, we facilitate the establishment of Community-Based Childcare Centres (CBCCs) in order to provide the necessary lifelong learning and learning abilities for children in Malawi.

Over the years, we have established a number of ECD Centres in various rural and urban areas of the country. Parents have acknowledged the positive impact which the centres have on growth and development of their children.

Heartrendingly, some leaners cover long distances to reach a nearest centre. This illustrates the need to establish more centres as we continue creating Malawi’s future leaders.

You can be part of this noble cause by supporting our initiative through Global Giving. For more, follow this link:


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