Today, 5 October is World Teachers’ Day which is commemorated across the globe. The day is commemorated to highlight the key responsibilities, rights and value of teachers, along with considering issues related to teachers and teaching.
The day is celebrated to honour teachers all around the world for their role in the economic development of their countries, as they are the sole reason for providing education to the society that enhances people’s quality of life.
This theme for this year’s celebration is ‘Teachers at the Heart of Education Recovery.’ This is in recognition of the teachers’ their tireless efforts even during times of COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns. Due to their hardworking nature, teachers are known to help young children grow and learn, even in shaping the future generation.
This special day is dedicated to them every year so that we all can thank them for all that they have done. Every profession is important in its own way, but teachers are more important no matter where you are on the globe today!

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