YONECO established an Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centre at Mangochi Boma in 2020. The centre started like a musturd seed and it has now grown into a reliable child care and development centre. Currently, the centre has a total of 86 children of which 40 are boys and 46 are girls.

The ECD centre has helped children from vulnerable households to access early childhood development services which are expensive around the area.

Today, we organized a colourful graduation ceremony of 20 children (8 boys and 12 girls) who will, in the next acadamic year, enroll as standard 1 learners in various primary schools.

Our dedicated caregivers are very optimistic that the stimulation which the centre instilled among the children will enable them to exceptionally perform well in their primary school studies.

As YONECO, we are very grateful to our young interns from various institutions of higher learning and caregivers for their untiring efforts towards ensuring that the children should successfully transition from kindergarten to primary school.


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