Economic empowerment is very key in reducing various challenges which the youth and women face in rural and remote parts of Malawi. Among other things, financial problems further expose the youth to various problems like unintended teen pregnancies, child marriages as well as HIV and other Sexually Transmmitted Infections (STIs). On the other hand, poverty also exposes women to various forms of Gender Based Violence (GBV).

As YONECO, we are very excited that our livelihood interventions in Ntcheu district are now taking shape. A number of women and young people in the district are now benefitting greatly from Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLA), goat pass on programme and other agribusiness activities which we introduced last year.

So far, our targeted beneficiaries have managed to construct strong houses, increased their livestock and capital investment and owning property like motor bikes.

Further more, the goat pass on programme is also progressing well as the list of the people who are benefitting from this initiative is also increasing as planned.

These activities are being funded by Egmond Trust through Investing for Impact against HIV which targets the youth and young women who are within the age bracket of 10 and 24 years.


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