Mangochi has a lot of taxi bicycles and the operators are among the hard to reach with information and services due to the nature of their trade which involves moving around from one place to the other. Thus, some Taxi Bicycle Operators (TBOs) in the district have been affected by various Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) and being at the centre of various Gender Based Violence (GBV) issues.

As a way of enhancing the welfare of TBOs in the district, YONECO has been conducting SRH and GBV outreach activities in various spaces where the TBOs congregate. The activities are especially designed to suit the targeted group of people.

Key aspects of information that is being shared with the TBOs include the forms of GBV, its causes, as well as prevention measures. On the other hand, the sessions also focus on promoting health seeking behaviours among TBOs and prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and

One of the bicycle operators, Kam’mwamba Mikundi, commended YONECO for reaching out to them with what he described as ‘life-serving information’.

We also work during odd hours and during such times, we mainly transport sex workers who usually prefer transactional sex as compared to paying in cash.

During the sessions, YONECO has also been distributed condoms to the TBOs.


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