The link between economic empowerment of women and reduced incidences of Gender Based Violence (GBV) is widely acknowledged. Perpetrators of GBV usually take advantage of vulnerabilities like poverty and women’s overreliance on men. As such, economic empowerment of women reduces the susceptibility to GBV and this is why perpetrators of GBV against women and girls always fight to maintain the status quo.

As a way of enhancing socio-economic status of women in Ntcheu District, YONECO conducted a baking training session which targeted various vulnerable groups of women including survivors of GBV and unemployed single mothers. The session was attended by 45 women who are supposed to venture into baking business through loans they will access from their designated Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs) which YONECO initiated.

An assessment which YONECO conducted showed that there is a good market for bakery products in the district. As such, this infirmed YONECO to equip the women with baking skills so that they should benefit from the opportunity.

” As a single mother, these are the kind of empowerment initiatives that we need to take care of our children and live a comfortable life. Otherwise, we so easily fall prey to abusers when we do not have stable sources of income,” explained Jane Chindima.


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