Members of Thamanda Youth Club from the area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Chanthunya in Balaka district have started benefitting from Youth and Agriculture Initiative which YONECO, in partnership with the District Youth Office, introduced in the area.

Members of Thamanda Youth Club have managed to venture into various small scale businesses after accessing soft loans from the funds which the group realized after selling their farm produce.

With support from YONECO and Balaka District Youth Office, Thamanda Youth Club realized substantial profits from the cultivation of maize, groundnuts and soya beans during the 2020/2021 Agriculture season.

The group is among the youth clubs that are benefitting from the initiative in various districts in a bid to enhance socioeconomic welfare of young people in Malawi.

The initiative mainly focuses on provision of technical support and capacity strengthening of the youth in agribusiness.



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