YONECO works with both in and out of school young people on various issues that have a bearing on their lives including Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), as well as drug and substance abuse among others.

It is against this background that authorities at Divine Private Secondary School extended an invitation to our District Manager (DM) in Balaka to give an inspirational speech at a farewell ceremony which the school organized for its outgoing Form 4 students.

The authorities at Divine Private Secondary School explained that various life skills sessions which YONECO had been conducting at the school have led to notable changes so much that a good number of students adopted positives behaviors.

During the ceremony, YONECO reemphasized on the dangers of drug and substance abuse, child marriages, unsafe sex and the need to focus on achieving one’s goals in life.

YONECO presented gifts to four best performing students as a way of encouraging them and their fellows to continuously work hard ahead in school.


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