Culture is very key in combating Gender Based Violence (GBV). Cultural norms can either be enablers or combatants of the vice which mainly affects the women and girls.  Thus, on 2 September, 2022 YONECO participated in this year’s Umhlangano wa Maseko Ngoni Cultural Festival that was held in Ntcheu district.

Through the cerebration, YONECO managed to reach out to 550 people (250 females; 300 males) on GBV issues in relation to culture. The group comprised that was engaged comprised of various players including community gatekeepers.

During one of the Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), one male community member complained that men do not get the necessary support when they are being abused by women.

“The government and Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs) favour women so much that they only respond to a GBV case when a woman is the victim, not otherwise,” explained one male community member.

However, a number of Ngoni women also noted that the belief that ‘a real man does not cry’ forces many to repress and conceal their anger until they become unbearable and they end up doing the despicable.


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