0n 19 September 2022, YONECO joined various partners and stakeholders at Chawe Plateu on Zomba Mountain where Treeze and other institutions organized a marathon dubbed ‘Run 4 Reforestation’.

The function was organized to mobilize funds for supporting tree planting activities in the district.

As YONECO, we showcased how we use film to promote afforestation, and other environmental conservation initiatives like the use of energy efficient stoves and climate smart agriculture.

Further to this, YONEO Cultural Troupe also entertained the patrons with various traditional songs that were fused with awareness messages on the importance of preserving trees.

Environmental degradation in Malawi has greatly afrected women who travel long distances to fetch water and firewood. The associated challenges which women are currently facing today will be addressed when the trees that were wantonly destroyed are replaced.


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