On 17 September 2022, YONECO conducted a community legal awareness session at Issa Mponda Village in the area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Mponda in Mangochi district.
The awareness session was aimed at furnishing community members with accurate, and practical legal information in order to help them understand various legal processes and enable them to exercise their legal rights.
YONECO’s Paralegal Officer who facilitated the session, Grant Dulla, explained that legal awareness is key in the formation and maintenance of a just society. Dulla added that citizens who are aware of various legal stances are among other things; more likely to prevent and report cases to authorities, as well as avoid committing crimes.
Mangochi is one of the districts in Malawi where forced child marriages are prevalent. As such, community members were reminded to execute their duties to ensure that children are being protected in the area. Thus, it is against this background that the facilitators further unpacked the various critical contents of Child Care Justice and Protection Act (2010).
The session was attended by 176 people of which 113 were females and 63 were male community members.

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